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Roswell Stillness

destiny awaits

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Welcome to Roswell Stillness, another one of those icon challenge community. This community focuses on the show Roswell and its actors and actresses. This is run by iskroot3 and taperjeangirl. Special Thanks to (fatexsucks) the previous owner.


A stillness community is for non-animated icons. Each week there would be a choice of image(s) in which you will make an icon out of to submit for the challenge that week.


The challenge will start on Friday and end on Thursday night at Midnight EST. time. Voting will take place on Friday/Saturday.


» You must use the image provided and modify it anyway you want but it cannot be animated. Make sure your icon meets LJ's standards. Your icon cannot be larger than 100x100 or over 40kb. Your icon must be saved as .jpg, .gif or .png.
» Please remember to read the individual challenge rules as they may change from time to time.
» Please post your icon in the right post, and please post it with the image and url.
» Make sure you have a reliable server, something like Photobucket.
» All entries will be anonymous, so please do not post the entry you submitted anywhere else or use it personally until the winner is announced.
» Please do not vote for yourself.


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